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Caitlin Veronica Krause
10 December 2007 @ 06:14 am
I've lost all of my phone numbers. I've decided, this time, to finally back them up somewhere safe, so please EMAIL me your number if you would like me to have it.

caitfish at gmail dot com

Thank you for taking the time to do this!
I can't currently get picture messages, but that should be remedied by Friday.
Caitlin Veronica Krause
09 June 2007 @ 03:14 am
I bought a new phone a while back, and realized that I had almost noone saved on my SIM card. So I need everyone who can to give me their contact info, lika dis (you can exclude whatever info you don't feel like giving me):

First name
Last name
Phone # w/area code
Email Addy
Mailing address

All comments are screened, and will be deleted after I get the info anyway so that they can't be unscreened later.

Caitlin Veronica Krause
17 May 2007 @ 02:25 am
The best song to listen to while driving away from a roller derby scrimmage in which your team (skating 4 of 12 skaters short) beats the defending undefeated champions (skating with their full game lineup) by 50 points, in the middle of an incredible lightening storm, on the interstate with the best vantage, towards a delicious Frontier breakfast burrito...

TV on the Radio's "Wolf Like Me"...

So, on that note - who is coming to the fucking game this weekend, hmm??? Five dolla make you holla, you know the drill. Please note that it DOES NOT conflict with the Greg and the AJBs birthday whoosit - which starts at 8. Our game ends at 6. Come get your bloodlust slaked and then go be debaucherous. Mmk? It's been a shitty coupla weeks and I could REALLY use your support. Bring your friends. Please. I want everyone to cheer for us if we beat the Douchedames for the first time EVER!

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Caitlin Veronica Krause
05 May 2007 @ 06:57 am
It's funny, I would say than I enjoyed reading Stumbling on Happiness, and I certainly read it quickly for my standards, which usually must mean that I'm interested in a book - but I'm left with an increasing feeling of disappointment. Why?

Well, first, I'm under the impression (now that the cascade of facts has rubbed out of my head a little) that he was using a lot of explanations of research to cover some big holes in his thesis, and while at several points he pointed out studies which seem to confirm the opposite of what he was contending, I don't think he did this with the bigger, and more truly contentious issues that I see cropping up with his thesis...

(Seriously, if I have to read "studies suggest" or "research demonstrates" one more time...)

For example, his thesis that all basic human needs come down to the pursuit of happiness. This became especially troubling to me as I processed the kinds of studies he cited. It seems that in most cases, 'happiness', 'satisfaction' or 'pleasure' were the qualities being rated - but he never made a convincing case that attainment of those qualities is what leads to a *fulfilling* human life. Indeed, he brushes off moralists altogether with such a passive mention that he creates the illusion of authority for his position. I was convinced while reading, but now I see all sorts of little examples of pursuits which are decidedly not pleasurable or happy-making but which are still fulfilling, in fact, I would say - some of the most fulfilling of all. Listening to sad music, doing grueling labor and feeling utterly exhausted, having a challenging argument (which you do not win but which causes you to think), any sort of AWE at all... where do these experiences fit into the spectrum of his analysis? Gilbert would say that our "psychological immune system" springs into action to protect us from the fact that these experiences are in fact, unpleasant - a kind of cognitive dissonance alleviating instinct - but that doesn't hit on it at all. These acts themselves are fulfilling, experiences which suggest to us more awful or awesome sensations can floor us utterly, without our emotions ever approaching 'happiness' or 'pleasure'. Indeed, the fact that he is so dismissive of 'ennobling' pursuits throws a big ol' wrench in the super-scientific facade he cultivates so carefully. After all, if these experiences exist, it is irresponsible to disregard them simply because they don't fit into this happy-centric ontology.

What about the, "I'm only happy when it rains" mentality? Seriously, what about sad songs and awe?

I understand why he did it... he even outlines some possible deliniations for the many experiences which we call "happiness" - and he didn't want his book to get bogged down in one of the most difficult semantic arguments of all time. But really, I think that there are two separate issues here:

1. The fact that "happiness" is an extremely ambiguous word.
2. The fact that there are experiences OUTSIDE of the pursuit of hedonistic pleasure which he refuses to address.

He addresses the first point and disguises it as a refutation (though he admits, a weak and contentious one) of the second.

What's shocking to me in both of these cases is that these are both either methods I would say that I approve of (the research-heavy style), or a position that I would say I strongly agreed ('pursuit of happiness' thesis) with before reading this book. I think that he's managed to talk me out of his own position, one which I used to share!

Note to self: re-read JS Mill and detractors. Apparently I don't remember a damned thing about utilitarianism...

Or maybe I do and Mill's definition of satisfaction wasn't as narrow as Gilberts'.
Caitlin Veronica Krause
By the way, isn't the text limit on Goodreads' review section annoying?

Review of Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

April 2007, first impression: So far, this book is witty, eye-opening and really fun. Also really well researched. He references Daniel C. Dennett in the first five pages, so how could I not love it?

May 2007, upon completion: Update...

Ultimately, I decided to give this book three stars because I believe that it is a ballsy and well-executed attempt to take on an impossibly difficult problem (happiness - that's a biggie). For the most part, I admire Gilbert's methods, though they ALL become incredibly frustrating somewhere around page 200. The book is witty, incredibly well researched, and Gilbert is (mostly) unwilling to extrapolate the massive amounts of data he compiles into proscriptive solutions for finding happiness.

Fortunately, these make the book:

* pretty easy to follow
* informative and enlightening (if you're not already familiar with most of the research - some of the psychological effects he outlines are well-known to the point of being cliché, but many are either head-scratchers or jaw-droppers on their own merits or are interpreted here in interesting ways which bolster his mostly critical (rather than constructive) thesis)
* very NOT another preachy or rosy-tinted self-help franchise (yet).


* the tone ultimately makes the book repetitive and tiresome (much like being in the room with an otherwise intelligent person who laughs a little too much at their own jokes)
* the research often obfuscates rather than elucidates already fuzzy points (again, he makes his criticisms clear, but sometimes it's unclear what he is actually trying to *say* by pointing them out)
* for most of the book it seems as though he's really verging on some great ideas, but doesn't want to stick his neck out for them, which leaves the reader exhausted trying to generate their own implications and solutions for the problems he identifies...

Like anybody smart enough to recognize their faults but not disciplined enough to censor them...Collapse )
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Caitlin Veronica Krause
15 April 2007 @ 04:56 am
About a month ago, I ran across a site that let you create taggable hierarchies of to-do lists and project lists. It was web-based, no software to download, free registration, et c... at the time I thought that it might be neat to try, but now I'm juggling so much with my home league duties and WFTDA duties (Woments Flat Track Derby Association - the national governing body for flat-track derby) that I absolutely NEED it. I liked the interface and the functionality of this particular site, but now I can't remember what it was called and I'm having a ton of trouble finding it. Can anyone help me???

Also, we won the season opener today, it was something like Hobots 89, D.I.A. 142 - I had the pleasure of rounding the scoreboard past 100 during one of my jams. It wasn't my best game, but my team played so well. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us today. I hope more people will come to the Doomsdames vs. D.I.A. game next month. It's gonna be a barn-burner, and I think that this is the first time any team in the league has a very real shot and beating them. (Not that it would be even close to easy, but I really believe that we have a shot.)
Caitlin Veronica Krause
14 April 2007 @ 05:06 am
Today, Midnight Rodeo (San Mateo and McLeod). Doors at 3pm, game at 4pm. Hobots vs. DIA in the 2007 home season opener. Both teams have undergone major development and restructuring in the travel season, as has the venue (see: better views of the track!). The teams are faster, smarter and much harder hitting. This is not a game that you should miss.

If you don't already have your ticket, they'll be $7 at the door tomorrow. Free raffle tickets to the first 200 through the door.

And I have a new uniform, don't you want to come just to see that? :b
Caitlin Veronica Krause
16 March 2007 @ 03:16 am
This is my third month working overnight at a shelter for homeless men. It's a nice place, and for the most part I'm impervious to the kind of sad stuff that's just par for the course here. But just now I was doing wakeups. This little old man was sitting at the breakfast table by himself, tons of bottles of medication piled up in front of him. I said good morning, but he didn't hear me, he was so intent on what he was doing. He was trying to button the cuff of his flannel shirt. He was looking at his fingers like he didn't understand them or something, kind of looking at them like he expected them to work and was sad that they didn't, and that he couldn't control them. I went back out after another five minutes or so and he was still trying to button his shirt, over and over. He doesn't have anything, he doesn't have anyone, and he can't even button his fucking shirt.

Would you ask him if he wanted help? I can't imagine not being able to do something like that and then having some stupid kid ask me if I wanted help. I would rather be dead, or sit there for three hours and do it myself.

*Edit* Feist's new album makes it kind of better, though. Lots of snapping and clapping, both happy noises.
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Caitlin Veronica Krause
08 March 2007 @ 11:58 am
I'll bite. Narcissism whut whut.

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Caitlin Veronica Krause
04 March 2007 @ 05:06 am
Hey geeks - I need your help again. Duke City Derby is having some trouble establishing and maintaining a website that reflects us well, is informative, and most importantly - is easy to add content to.

Basically, we're a bunch of dumb jocks (or smart jocks who don't have time). I haven't done web design in... gah, years, and I'm afraid that I would end up making something simple endlessly complex, messy, and difficult to update.

So, are any of you willing to help us hammer something out? What we want the website to look like is like this:


You can see our painfully out-of-date website here:

with the same sorts of content and features. We'll develop all of the content, of course, we just need help with layout and design, and most importantly, we need someone to train one of us (me!) to update the damned thing and create archives of older content (though ideally this would be automatic, too).

I'm a quick-picker-upper and a fast-good-learner, so I'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible for anyone who volunteers.

Also, I'm pretty sure I can wrangle a couple of season passes out of the league for your trouble.

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